Aluminium Fins

Aluminium Fins

The aluminium fin strips is mainly used for finned heat sink, because aluminium strip has good electrical conductivity, the conductive property of aluminum in non-ferrous metal is only lower than that of copper. Therefore, the international use aluminum strip instead of copper strip as a commonly used material for finned heat sinks, which achieves the purpose of enhancing heat transfer by adding fins to a common base pipe.

The base pipe of finned heat sink can be made of steel pipe, stainless steel pipe and copper pipe. The fins can also be made of steel strips, stainless steel strips, copper strips, aluminum strips, etc., The finned heat sinks can be divided into wafer type, string type, soldering type and rolled type in the form of fin structure, currently widely used is the steel-aluminum composite finned tube, which utilizes the pressure resistance of steel pipe and the high-efficiency thermal conductivity of aluminium strips, the steel-aluminum composite tube is an irreplaceable cost-effective advantage of other types of finned tube heat sinks.

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